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Itaewon Found Last time, I spoke of Itaewon lost. Well, “I once was lost…” and then I went to the desert. I recently entered the Sahara Race, representing Itaewon (& Korea) while raising money for the Orphan Activity Fund in the hardest race on Earth. Why now? – “Why Not?” In the midst of this worldwide financial crisis, failing economies and fears of global depression, I say, “Go on vacation!” Worrying won’t help and working for money that may not be worth anything in the near future seemed futile, so I decided to spend some while it still had value – and value I got.
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Flashback The nights of dread and mornings of anticipation have all faded in memory – the experience was ridiculously difficult, but somehow thoroughly compelling. In the world’s most punishing desert, the key to success was the people – the energy and enthusiasm they brought, the camaraderie, the stories and the smiles. Without the others, there would be no race, no reason to continue trudging though the desert, to bear the heat and the slippery sand. The supportive souls that volunteered became my inspiration for overcoming every obstacle, stage by stage, and the participants were to bring...
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Day Seven – The Pyramid Sprint

Day Seven – the Pyramid Sprint (the 5.2km) Stage 6 on 1 November – 5.2 km We arrived in Cairo at 11am and re-donned our packs (much lighter now) for the last leg of the desert race. The final sprint up to the finish line was so quickly over it seemed incongruous to the effort of the previous five days and a bit anti-climactic with everyone’s thoughts on the shower at the hotel.
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Day Six – The Long Laze

Day Six – The Long Laze (a day in camp) 31st of October – 0.0 miles Having finished, I found it unsettling to be still, and could neither lie down, nor rest. I wandered stiff and awkward around the camp, aimlessly looking for someone to commiserate with. I found the internet tent open and checked email. A message from mom and I started to well up. After a good emotional cry, I was able to hobble back to the tent and rest for a couple of hours.
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Day Five – A Body in Motion

Day Five – A Body in Motion (The Black Desert March) 30th of October – 100.2km / 62.6 miles Pray for rocks! Sand sucks the life from your feet. I begin today with a thought and a recitation of a poem about a place all too distant in time, location and environment. The poem recalls a wistful moment amid a snowy landscape, but the last two lines are as appropriate here as any that might be said: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.” (Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening) Having never attempted more than...
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