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or Hangin in Hua Hin with humans in flight Have arrived in Hua Hin, Thailand to do some beach running and relaxing on my way down to the race in Rotorua. The run today was, if not on the Edge of insanity, pretty near it with intense heat (’bout 95F). With a bout of doubt along the way as to whether (read – weather) i could hold down my lunch, I endeavored along, followed by a rather calm feeling as i entered my comfort zone – a warm (read – bloody hot) place I like to call the “catch your breath cruise.” I arrived in Hua Hin in time for  the holding of the...
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Tarawera thoughts

Came across this as I visited another racer’s site and thought it summed it up too well to leave alone… I embark on my next adventure across New Zealand soon. The Tarawera Ultramarathon Run – 100km course from Rotorua to Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty through exotic forestry, native bush, lakes, waterfalls and along a beautiful river. Anyone out there game to join?
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TransAlpine Race – Day 1

After three days of rain and a chilly turn of events here in Southern Germany, the start of the TransAlpine race’s was welcomed with a sunny, albeit chilly morning. Today, with my teammate Stuart Lotherington of London, England and I will tackle one of the hardest races in the world – to cross the steepest and toughest 240km of the Alps, crossing 4 countries in 8 days for a total elevation increase of 15,442 meters (nearly the equivalent of two Everests in 8 days – whew!).
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Namibia 250km Desert Race May 17-23, 2009

The Aftermath The race was hellish – minefields of rocks to be mindful of, mountainous dunes of sand, spiteful heat and devastatingly long hours of trudging. It was a desert race, what do you expect? A week later, I still have trouble walking… though the moment-to-moment pains of the race have already faded. I wonder how my friends are, for though this was a competition, it was not so much a competition with others as one with ourselves and our demons. Beyond that, it was a chance to meet others of like mind and forge friendships as we forge ourselves. Steeled against the obstacles, we left...
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Day 7 – The Celebrex Sprint

AKA “I’m outa here!” 8 km With a 400mg Celebrex from one of the guys in the next tent, I started the day a minute or two late (trying to get my shoes in order) at the back of the pack and started with a fast walk. The drug (an anti -inflammatory) starting to take effect, I began a stilted jog, within another 10 minutes, I could hardly feel my legs – (what was that stuff again?) and began overtaking more and more competitors in my energy. I felt almost as if on one of my standard 10 km runs in Seoul, and pushed myself accordingly. When we first got off the dust and rock onto...
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