Day 7 – The Celebrex Sprint

AKA “I’m outa here!” 8 km

With a 400mg Celebrex from one of the guys in the next tent, I started the day a minute or two late (trying to get my shoes in order) at the back of the pack and started with a fast walk. The drug (an anti -inflammatory) starting to take effect, I began a stilted jog, within another 10 minutes, I could hardly feel my legs – (what was that stuff again?) and began overtaking more and more competitors in my energy. I felt almost as if on one of my standard 10 km runs in Seoul, and pushed myself accordingly.

When we first got off the dust and rock onto a section of asphalt, I was amazed at the bounce I got from it. Every step taking me farther and faster, I made it all the way into the finish without slowing. Medal in hand – sorry, on neck – I headed through a few hugs straight for the beer and pizza! 10 AM? Who cares… I deserve it!

The two slices and sausage seeming totally insufficient several of us made it over to a nearby diner and ordered, lattes and cheeseburgers and fries and even a milkshake. We returned to the scene of more of our comrades coming in and I signed Teddy’s books for the Children of Namibia (my hand shaky from the excitement of the day).

Sharon, Fordy’s wife looked expectantly out from the finish line with a worried look and we comforted her as we too worried. When he finally came down the last hill and across the finish line, overcome the most amazing pain and difficulties, everyone around cried. What an inspiring finish…

Today’s letter, kids, is A for Anti-Inflammatory 
PeterTeddy, can you say Anti-Inflammatory 
Teddy No, but I could say some really inflammatory remarks about sand and rocks!

Difficulty level – 4 
Drug factor- 8.9

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