The March towards Madness

The March towards Madness

Training was not going well before the race, as I was plagued with Plantar Fasciitis. Every time I would go for a run, my arches would ache for a week, barely able to walk with the pain. So I focused on biking and swimming, and hiked in the evenings, touting my 10kg vest and breathing hard. One of my Seoul Synergy teammates commented in a discussion, (while I was at the race), that he thought I hadn’t trained well enough to finish. – Maybe, my friend, but I’ve got grit!

The next stage of my training I think was key. I left Korea 5 days early and made my way south of Bangkok to HuaHin to train in sand on the long beach there, bear the heat, and treat my foot and back conditions with Thai massage (I’d hurt my back recently and hoped it could be resolved as well, but nothing really seemed to help as the Sacral-Iliac joint was locked up and plagued my every step). The foot did well in the sand and the massage released most of the pain, even the back bore the sand well, allowing me to run without sharp pains, though at night it was not so forgiving. The only downfall of this leg was when the rats in Koh Tao ate through the backpack to get to the double Ziplock packed food therein. Not satisfied with the taste of the first bag opened – I believe it was a Cliff bar – they decided to gnaw into different compartments and have a taste of this and that (wonder if they brought wine for their Desert Sampler). In the morning, I picked up the bag to find that the open food had attracted ants by the thousands, covering the bag and its contents like in an Indiana Jones flick. Luckily, I was able to save almost everything and get out of the bungalow in time to make the ferry to Koh Samui, the plane to Bangkok and the flight out of Asia.

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  1. Michael says:

    Peter is definitely a person with grit and the will of 1,000 men! Go Peter go!

  2. admin says:

    thanks to my coach!

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