or Hangin in Hua Hin with humans in flight

Have arrived in Hua Hin, Thailand to do some beach running and relaxing on my way down to the race in Rotorua. The run today was, if not on the Edge of insanity, pretty near it with intense heat (’bout 95F). With a bout of doubt along the way as to whether (read – weather) i could hold down my lunch, I endeavored along, followed by a rather calm feeling as i entered my comfort zone – a warm (read – bloody hot) place I like to call the “catch your breath cruise.”

Hua Hin beach

I arrived in Hua Hin in time for  the holding of the Kiteboarding World Cup 2010 here and, as I plod, plunk and trod sideways along the sand, they carry on my wayward son (read – windward sun) finding the intense natural trades perfect for them to rise to thew occasion.

I ran past hundreds of not-so-subtly tanned and tested kite surfers in their bid for fame… The multicolored kites dipping and diving in a dazzling dance of lively-hued happiness that reminded me instantly of the butterflies of Brazil (maybe a good name for a competition), as well as the occasional airborne human and following wavy-crash took my mind off the heat for a bit.

Later, as I passed the beachfront pavilions with the throng of wetsuited competitors and garishly costumed onlookers gathered on my return down the beach, I heard them (read – some deep-voiced announcer) congratulating the winners 0f the day.

— Ride that rocky wave and set your sails with your dreams folks cause there’s nobody can stop the wind and waves from coming or from going astray.

Feeling groovy – about 12 km / 1 hour 13 minutes / 95F, all beach with a final sprint to the air conditioning awaiting my return.

2 Responses to “Winded”

  1. Luke Doyle says:

    All this while some of us sit in the oppressive subzeros…your story has warmed my extremities!!! Happy travels to you and the bear 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m jealous you got to see the kiteboard championships – I was out all weekend practising my jumps and tricks – I wish kiteboarding was around when I was a kid, starting so late in life makes me slow compared to those young kids!

    Super excited for your arrival – can’t wait to see you!!!

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